Edtec 0541 (SDSU) – Alpha Test – 05/06/09

Alpha Testing

Working title: Photography in Light Syrup

Author: Sarah Miller

Date: May 6, 2009


Two people participated in my alpha test. Both were computer savvy and intuitive, so that might not have worked in my favor. What I mean by this is that they are going to go about navigating a website in much the same way that I do. On the other hand, they both teach or take courses online, so a site that is easily navigable for them would be a plus. Neither had a lot of experience with photography, but they both like it and are supportive of my endeavors.

Think Aloud Task:

Navigate photographs, and then navigate to my contact information.

Summary of Think Aloud:

Neither user had any difficulty with navigating the photographs. They both would have liked to have seen more photographs displayed. There was no scrolling that the users had to do, but both users tried to click on the “next” arrow in my gallery, and I had not yet come up with solution for the code to implement that. Both users wanted to see a more extensive “about me” section and one user would have liked to have seen a change in my color scheme.

Summary of Post- test Interview:

One user pointed out that I had not changed the titles of the photographs, on the main page [from the original titles in the template I used]. She also mentioned that on the contact information page that I had created, the text in the headers was barely visible.

Findings to be Implemented:

As a result of the alpha test, I will make the following changes:

  • Implement a navigation system in my gallery or change the format of my display.
  • Correct the information about the photos, to include location, a description and what camera was used.

Findings that will not be Implemented:

  • I probably will not change the color scheme of my site, simply because it is unnecessary.
  • Rather than changing the color of the offending text, I will probably just delete it because it is also unnecessary.

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