Edtec 0541 (SDSU) – Beta Testing – 05/06/2009

Beta Testing

Working title: Photography in Light Syrup

Author: Sarah Miller

Date: May 6, 2009


My mom and sister were my beta testers. My alpha testing was done in person, but the beta testing was completed over the phone. Both of these ladies are very computer savvy, by now, and my sister gets so excited about everything, so it was fun for me to get to talk to her about this project.

Think Aloud Task:

Comment on the photo navigation system (which has been changed since my alpha test), and then navigate to a couple of different locations in the site, using the site map.

Summary of Think Aloud

Neither user seemed to have a problem with the photo navigation system. My mom liked it and liked the photos.

My sister also liked the photo navigation system except toward the bottom of the page, there was some alt. text displayed that described a close-up of a giant tortoise eating. But no photo of a giant tortoise.  She also mentioned that she’d like to see a “cooler” photo gallery.

Neither user had trouble using the site map or navigating back to it, in order to try the next link. Both indicated that I still had a couple of links (my name and the title of my website) that weren’t taking them to where they thought they would be taken.

Summary of Posttest Interview

Discussions revealed that it was a little difficult to tell which description went with which photo and it

was suggested that I put extra spaces into the page, where needed.

Findings to be Implemented

As a result of the beta test, I will make the following changes:

  • I will fix the links that weren’t taking users to the correct location.
  • I will make sure that it is obvious as to which photo each description belongs.

Findings that will not be Implemented

  • None. Both users had good ideas and we discovered that I had worked out most of my kinks, after the alpha test.

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