EdTech 502: Projects

Original (09/10/2011): Hi.  In our EdTech 502 class, we’re creating a website with links to the various projects we’ll be working on.  I noticed that another of my classmates had started posting her links to her learning log.  I thought this was a great idea and thought I would follow suit and share with you what I am working on in that class as well.  Here is the main, plain page.

I haven’t decided, yet, whether to create additional posts as the projects are created, to update this post with further links, or to post comments to this post.  Time will tell – right now, I am thinking about doing dated updates and seeing if that will simply bump this post up to the top of my posts, again.

Enjoy and thanks for following my journey in this program.

Update (09/12/2011): Here is the page with CSS added.

Update (09/26/2011): Here is my Netiquette Guidelines page.


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