Plagiarism Video Created Using Xtranormal.

I identified 3 types of plagiarism in this video. One was plagiarism that occurs because you blatantly use the work of someone else and do not give the author(s) any credit.

Another type of plagiarism that is probably more common is plagiarism through paraphrasing or editing. If you take the information from one of your sources and either change the words or rearrange them, but you do not give credit to your source, then you are still plagiarizing.

Finally, there are several degrees of self-plagiarism. You might find, while working on your new article, that you can re-use descriptions of equipment that you are using in your studies, as well as procedures. This is fine – the APA Style Manual says so. You can also use your old work as you would any source. Where you run into problems is when your old work starts to take over your new work, and you are left without any original ideas in your new publication.

While working on this video, the concept of plagiarism was solidified for me – it is not something that is often at the forefront of my mind. I think I had an idea that self-plagiarism was something that was frowned upon, though I didn’t know it was called self-plagiarism.

I learned a lot about saying what needs to be said in this kind of medium. Originally, I had a little robot humor about RainX at the end of this video. I liked it, but I didn’t keep it because I wanted to focus on the information I was required to convey.

AECT Standards:

  • 1.2 Message Design
    • In this project, we were asked to inform an audience about plagiarism.  This is easy enough to do in text form, but we were asked to create a dialogue and present it in the form of a video.
  • 2.4 Integrated Technologies
    • Computer-based text and video were used in this assignment.
  • 3.1 Media Utilization
    • My computer, peers, and the website were utilized in this assignment, with the end result being that we all became familiar with the concept of plagiarism.

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