Digital Inequality Assignment

Updated with embedded video: 10/04/2011

Here is our Digital Inequality project.  My group members were Dann Mosteller, Randi Lembke and Erin Okazaki.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

One of the articles (Expanding the Digital Divide, Cooper, 2004) that we were given as a resource did a really good job of articulating the urgency associated with digital inequality and the digital divide.  Before reading it, I was someone that did not want to “force” technology on anyone.  I still do not want to do that – I want people to use technology or find ways to gain access to it because they want to and it is wonderful.  However, I understand that people in disadvantaged communities do not necessarily have access to everything that they need to and it is important for them to become moderately technologically savvy in order to carve out their niche in this world.

My group was great to work with – I think we cooperated well together.  I wish we had been a bit more in sync.  One person did so much initial work on the project, during end of the first week/ beginning of the next week.  I was feeling kind of guilty because I was still trying to wrap my brain around some of the reading.  The rest of us moved in and put work into the project, however, and I believe the work was evenly divided.  One member in particular did a great job of communicating with the entire group, even though he eventually wound up being 10 or so time zones ahead of us.

I have worked with a group online, before – I  took a couple of Educational Technology classes at another school, a couple of years ago – and we used our group as a way to foster meaningful discussions in the class, for the most part.  Working as a group is vital, especially as we move forward with our programs.

Voicethread was interesting to use and a group multimedia presentation is a really good use of this technology.  I think that we could have learned a little more about Voicethread, but for the basics of putting the slides together and making comments, it was pretty self-explanatory.

AECT Standards:

  • 2.3 Computer-Based  Technologies
    • If you are reading this blog post and/ or you saw our Voicethread presentation, then you will know that we used computer-based technologies to deliver some learning materials on the subject of digital inequality to your computer screen.
  • 3.1 Media Utilization
    • Particular to this project, we used web-based tools and video to convey information to our classmates about digital inequality.
  • 4.1 Project Management
    • I believe my group members had an equal hand in project management on this assignment.  We all controlled the outcome of this assignment, and we all put effort into planning how this assignment would move forward.
  • 5.1 Problem Analysis
    • This came into play as we decided what elements to include or leave out of our presentation, as well as when we were determining the best way to present the information we did want to convey to our classmates.

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