Horizon Report Tech Trend

Here is the link to my “Lesson Plan” for week 7 of EdTech 501:

Lesson Plan – Area of Polygons

I like the template and I would probably use it, again, if I were teaching and regularly creating lesson plans.

I chose to use Khan Academy in my lesson plan, in an effort to integrate technology into my classroom. The author uses a variety of explanations in the video, from stating that the area of a square is the base times the height to illustrating why the area was 64 m^2. I think this visual tool would be useful and in reaching more students than if I were simply lecturing to the students. It might not be that much different from an explanation that I would give, but it would be different and that other perspective could make all of the difference. A video also allows to rewind parts of it and play them again, if a student wants to see what the author was saying, again:

I also tried to incorporate the use of manipulatives into my lesson plan, as I know that some students learn best by getting their hands dirty and building the answers themselves.

What I learned about the technology is simply the wealth of information that the author has amassed. If you want to learn something, there is a video there that will at least give you an overview of the subject you’re interested in. If you are a teacher wanting to clarify a particular concept, it is possible that you WON’T find what you are looking for, here. You will undoubtedly find something close, but if it’s not exactly what you need, then don’t settle. You will find something better or create a video yourself – your students deserve that effort.

Another plus from this website is that there are practice problems available and teachers can track their students’ progress. I think this is new from the first time I visited this website, but it is a great addition, especially for online instructors or classroom instructors looking for additional activities for their kids.


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