Synthesis #2

Wolf, M. (2010). Visualizing math: How intelligent tutoring technology can help math-challenged students. EDUCAUSE Quarterly, 33(4). Retrieved from

I am unable to discern whether the author teaches online classes in addition to his web-enhanced or hybrid face-to-face classes.  He uses mywebstudytutor and demonstrates how it helps his students.  It looks like he can supplement whatever materials are already provided in mywebstudytutor with his own material, whether those are visual aids, worksheets,  slide shows or customized quizzes and tests.

Mywebstudytutor provides the author with diagnostic feedback and releases new material to students based on their skills – either their weaknesses or strengths.  Over the years, the author has been developing his own supplemental material for his students and using mywebstudytutor, he can head some of those requests off at the pass by using the program to identify where his students are struggling and having the materials ready, ahead of time.


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