Bookmarks in Delicious

Delicious is a great tool for research. As long as you remember to use tags, you can sort links into useful groups for reference. For instance, if I had a student researching a variety of different cats, she could break those cats up into categories such as:

That way, I can visit each of those links and see that she has found an adequate number of cats in each category.

The tags could also be group names in order to divide students up into smaller groups to work in.  Any useful links that the group finds, they can bookmark with Delicious and tag with the appropriate tag for their group, so that all group members can refer to it, much like what we’re doing with the edtech501 tag.

Another way that delicious might be used in the classroom is by the instructor for the students.  I can post a link to tags that I feel would be useful for students in their research work or that might generally be of interest, while we are studying a particular subject.


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