School (i.e., Hospital) Evaluation Summary

I evaluated a local hospital.  I was able to connect with someone, there, that works closely with their information technology department.

I know we were to put this together in order to profile a school, but I think the principle is the same.  To be fair, if I were going to profile the little college I work at, I think we would come out as “Islands” overall.  We all have access to the internet and email, but we don’t all use it.

All students have access to the internet and registration can be done on the computer, but not all students choose to register online.  Not all students have email addresses (but they will all have email addresses beginning in January of 2012).  I have a hard time understanding why students do not get an email address set up, but it is probably similar to the reasons why some staff members do not use the email address that is provided for them.

I was unable to connect with the information technology department at the college, so I did not have as much information available to me as I did for the hospital that I [occasionally] work for.  This evaluation is therefore focused on the hospital.  I classified it as low-level intelligent, with suggestions for improvement.


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