Synthesis #3

Franklin, T., & Peng, L.-W. (2008). Mobile math: Math educators and students engage in mobile learning. Journal of Computing in Higher Education, 20, 69-80. doi:10.1007/s12528-008-9005-0

In the midwest, 2 middle school math teachers decided to work with a researcher to test out the use of mobile technology in their classrooms.  They were met with opposition only from the district technology coordinator, it seems.

Mobile devices were used by the students to record videos that explained different math concepts from their classes.  One student said that he was able to learn about absolute values over lunch by watching another student’s video.

The teachers seemed to really enjoy watching students cooperate and help one another out with learning how to use the software and mobile technology required for this project.  This included iPod touches for student use and using Powerpoint, Moviemaker and iTunes to create their videos and upload their “podcasts.”

While it wasn’t the focus of the research, necessarily, the students seemed to gain a deeper understanding of the topics they made videos about because they had to “dig in” a little bit.  The educational ramifications of using mobile technology in a math classroom might be the subject of future research.


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