EdTech 511 – Project Description

Project Topic Ideas


Math Resource Portal


  • Provide information on a few common things encountered early on in one’s math career (more to be added; open to suggestions):
    • The concept of slope
    • Mean, median and mode
    • Area of polygons
    • Reducing fractions

Target Audience

Community college students enrolled in developmental math classes.  I wanted to make it something that could be used as learning resource in a Basic Math class, but also as a reference in Beginning Algebra.

Content & Methodology

I am planning on using Hypermedia.  This Portal will essentially be a museum of simple but important concepts that occur early in one’s adult math education.  At each stop, I hope to have a video, animation or interactive piece.  I like this methodology because the learners can “go wherever [they] want and in whatever sequence [they] want.”  (Alessi & Trollip, 2001, page 148.)  A menu will give students an anchor and allow them to either return the main page or move between “exhibits.”

For instance, in the area piece, I can use an outline of a polygon and have the student click to fill it with unit pieces.  When the polygon is filled, the area will be displayed.  A second polygon with different dimensions could be displayed below the first.  A prompt will be given below the second polygon and the student will be asked to enter the area.  Feeback about whether the answer is correct or incorrect will appear after the student hits enter or clicks on a “submit” button.

The text would provide guidance on how to find the area and describe several of the many reasons that it is useful to find the area of something.  It would also link to additional resources online.  For instance, Khan Academy has videos on many different mathematical topics, and their library is always growing.

I am not teaching, right now, but when I do start teaching online, again, I want to have some well-rounded resource that I can offer my students, whether I am teaching basic math or beginning algebra.  I have several go-to resources, but I want to try and find a variety of them, in order to cater to a wider variety of learners.

Something I can include as part of a description of each resource that is linked to would be whether it’s appropriate for visual, combination or aural learners, for instance, indicated with little icons: an eye, an ear, a hand or little computer mouse.


Sources Referenced

  1. Alessi, S. M., & Trollip, S. R. (2001). Multimedia for Learning: Methods and Development (3rd ed.). Allyn & Bacon.

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