Reflection on Week 2 – EdTech 503

When I was writing my initial post for this week, I had convinced myself that I kind of knew what instructional design was. I think that is probably accurate, but I also realize that I didn’t have a thorough understanding of instructional design.

Now I have read through a lot of my classmates’ posts and thought about each of their term projects. Once in a while, I found myself thinking “Oh! I wish I thought of that!” I like the project I came up with, though, and I think it is along similar lines to those of my classmates.

One concern that I have about my project is that Google has been making a lot of changes, lately, and I wonder what their fledgling social network will look like in a couple of months. Should I have put my eggs in that basket, or should I have selected a potentially more stable project?

One of my classmates likened instructional design to a house and educational technology to the furniture in that house. Another person used a toolbox/ tools analogy. Both of these concrete and descriptive examples helped to solidify the link between instructional design and educational technology for me. I better comprehend that instructional design is something that is done when one wants to produce training for adults; plan lessons on fractions for junior high school students; or enriching summer activities for one’s own children.

Educational technology is used by the instructor to further facilitate learning. In addition, very few students – especially younger ones – have grown up without exposure to technology of some form and it is often their medium for interacting with the world.  It is only natural for them to be engaged in learning with the use of technology.


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