I have been trying to come up with a post about Pinterest, the social “pinning” site.  I have maybe half a dozen posts in various stages of writing.  I haven’t quite been able to finish one and have consequently become pretty bored with trying to eek meaning from the site.

Essentially, Pinterest is like a visual form of twitter and with sorting capabilities.  I think it is particularly useful for people people that like to cook, virtual book clubs and elementary school teachers.  While I was obsessed with pinning, I created an EdTech pinboard and tried to include related images, products and sites.

If you don’t get carried away, Pinterest can be a good way to keep track of things you like and actually, when I initially started looking at it, I found it be sort of cathartic to scroll through an endless page of things people like.  Now, I find it to be a little repetitive.

Are you interested in using Pinterest in your classroom?  If so, I would recommend first look at what other people have done:

  • Click here for a Pinterest board collecting different ways in which Pinterest is used in education.  For the purposes of this post, this link is sort of meta.
  • Last month, Edudemic wrote a post about how educators are using Pinterest.

Have fun exploring Pinterest and pinning all of the things!


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