Tentative Project Plan – EdTech 512

1. What is the tentative title/ topic of the course?

  • Revenue Cycle Department: Customer Service Training

2. Who are your learners?  What age, context/ grade, how many students?

  • 30+ employees in the Health Information Management, Patient Financial Services and Registration departments.
  • Range in age from 20-60+ and vary in tech-savviness, personality and education.

3. Main purpose of the course?

  • To ensure that all employees are on the same page, in terms of customer service.  At present, processes vary among departments and among employees.

4. Will the course be self-paced or facilitated?  Fully online or blended?  Why?

  • Course will be fully online and self-paced.  At present, there is not someone available to train employees face-to-face in the art of customer service.  I hope to use a variety of media in the course, in order to cater to different learning styles.

5. Anticipated timeline for implementation?

  • Hope to implement course by the end of 2012, and have employees complete it early next year.

6. How many total hours of learning time are required in your course?

  • Compare course to a 3 credit, 12 week course.
  • In an online class, students will probably spend 2-3 hours on their class per week, for each credit.
  • Students should plan on spending 6-9 hours per week working on the class.
  • Students will spend a total of 72-108 hours on the class, over 12 weeks.

7. Are there content standards and/ or course objectives that must be aligned to the course outcomes?  List them if you know what they are.

  • I have a large set of “Best Practices” that I need to condense, combine or par down.
  • These Best Practices include the following:

    • Optimal Market-Based Discount
    • Service Rendering Position
    • Pricing Transparency
    • Patient Advocacy
    • Hospital Sponsored Financial Aid
    • Debt Reduction Provisions
    • Expanding Your Patient Options
    • Collection Safeguards
    • Executive Compact
    • Clinical Awareness
    • Essential Associate Awareness
    • Community Outreach  and PR
    • Proper Facility Recognition
    • CDE Procurement
    • Demographic and Financial Verification
    • Real-Time Insurance Verification
    • Healthcare and Community-Based Risk Scoring
    • Financial Assistance Screening
    • On-Demand Billing
    • E-Cashiering
    • Patient Pay Receivables Stratification
    • Dashboard Reporting
    • Patient Pre-Processing
    • Check-In Patient Processing
    • Rapid Ed Intake and Checkout
    • High Risk Control Tower
    • Financial Discharge Process
    • Integrated Back Office
    • Patient Friendly Billing
    • Cost Effective Receivable Stratification
    • Agency Management and Filtering
    • Risk Realization Reporting and Feedback
    • Organizational Alignment and Governance
    • Supercharged Patient Advocacy
    • Pay for Performance
    • Training for Sustainability
    • Team Philanthropy

8. Adult learners: Does the course need professional development, undergraduate, or graduate credit tied to it?  Do you have this available, if needed?

  • I will probably have to figure out how to move the course to the hospital’s learning management system, Healthstream.  The hospital requires employees to complete a certain number of courses per year, and they track that.  Employees don’t actually receive transferrable credit for the courses.

9. In what platform will you host the course (mandated or your choice as designer)?

  • I hope to start out with Moodle, but I also want to learn more about the hospital’s proprietary LMS, Healthstream, and find out how I would go about building something for that format.

Edit (06/08/2012): the course will need to eventually be moved to Healthstream.  Most of the courses posted in Healthstream are first built in PowerPoint.  For right now, I’m still planning on Moodle, but with some investigation into the use of PowerPoint for this purpose.

10. Is this a redesign of a face-to-face or online course, or a totally new course?

  • This is a completely new course, in industry, subject matter and platform.

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