EdTech 504 – Module 1 Reflection

  • Where are you now, in terms of your own teaching and professional practice and the inclusion of educational technology in that process?

I don’t currently teach, but when I did teach, I was just getting into it.  Teaching, that is.  I had tutored students for years and sometimes was asked to find additional resources for students.  I usually did this online – I looked for worksheets or videos for them to use.  Sometimes I checked out the library for video resources on CD.

As an online instructor, I used a lot of words and not as many visual tools as I would have liked.  In our “Interactive Courseware Development” course, last term, I started to see how math could be made more tactile online.  It is possible to click and drag and push things around, in order to learn algebra; you don’t have to simply be told the steps.  That process is time-consuming, though, and as I start working on my own library of web things to include in my online classes, I will be trying to find some things that are already available that satisfy my vision of how math should be taught online.

So, that’s where I was when I stopped teaching online: burned out and not utilizing much technology in my high tech class.  There is sort of a misconception that you’re using educational technology if you teach online.    If the technology you’re using hinders the educational experience more than enhances it, it might be time to take a step back and re-evaluate.

  • What kind of change do you hope to see as a result of this class?

I think it is going to be a good class for reading, writing, and thinking about educational technology.  I am always hoping to become better as a result of my experiences – I think that collaborating with my peers will improve my thought and research processes in educational technology.

  • How might your knowledge and experiences influence the actions of those around you?

In terms of this class or in terms of my workplace(s)?  In terms of the class, I think it is neat that I’m working in areas other than instruction, right now – I hope it will allow me to provide a viewpoint that my classmates had not considered, down the line.

In terms of my workplaces, I think that progressing through these MET courses has helped to boost my confidence to some extent, and I’m more willing to offer solutions if I have them.  I can always, always use further writing and collaboration experience, so I’m excited to do that, this summer.


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