ET505 – W1, D1

Hello!  I live in Tillamook, OR where I work part-time as an enrollment services specialist at the local community college.  I have always enjoyed working with students, so it is a good place for me to be, while I look for a distance learning position and work on my degree.  I also do a little work at the local hospital as a data analyst.  In that job, I don’t have to talk with anyone, most of the time, and I really enjoy that as well.

 I have been doing this part-time work for about a year and a half.  Prior to that, I worked in Coos Bay, Oregon for a total of 3.5 years (including 1 year as an adjunct distance faculty member) as all of the following: adjunct distance faculty (math), math tutor, instructional designer, distance learning support, math technology lab coordinator, and sidekick.

This is my 4th term in the MET program at Boise State.  I found the program through a search in Google for education and technology: the 2 things I knew I wanted to make into a career.  I actually didn’t start with Boise State, though – I took my first edtech classes online through San Diego State.  It’s a good program, but it just wasn’t right for me.

’ve been taking classes online since 2007.  My first experience was bad: I took Introduction to Accounting online through Portland Community College.  I don’t remember why I thought that was going to be a good idea, but it really wasn’t.  It happened that the final fell in the same week that I lost a job as a special education assistant (4+ months), and so I also wound up moving that week.

Despite a sour beginning, I continued to take online classes through Portland Community College.  I almost completed a year-long certificate in web design and even took my first “edtech” class – Using Technology in the Classroom.  I didn’t stop taking classes through Portland Community College until Fall of 2011, when I officially started up the MET program.

While I sometimes feel like I’m bumbling a little due to my lack of classroom teaching experience, I am enjoying my online classes through Boise State.  It has been a really positive experience for me.

My experience with evaluation in terms of my professional ventures is pretty minimal.  At one point, I worked as a math technology lab coordinator and was asked to present a couple pieces of math software to the faculty for use in their online classes.  I remember scouring the internet for “software evaluation” and using rubrics that I found.”  I know it’s an invaluable skill and I am eager to learn more.

 In my free time, I walk my dog.  She’s half brittany and half border collie and she has a ridiculous amount of energy – we call her the Georgia Spaniel.  I also have a cat that is fluffy and quiet and the total opposite of the Georgia Spaniel.


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