ET 522 – Mod 6/ Course Reflection

My biggest learning experience in this course was our final project and seeing what everyone else had put together. I don’t have any classes I’m teaching or courses I’m designing, right now. This is my education and professional development and personal enrichment all rolled up into one wonderful ball. 

Building the final module and critiquing my classmates was the closest thing we have done, this term, to what I hope to be doing in my career. It’s fun for me – hypothetically speaking, if all of you go out into the world and start working as online teachers in the college setting, my dream job would be to be the faculty development coordinator/ instructional designer working with you to build your class(es).

The most difficult part of the class was the video production and while I don’t know if I necessarily enjoyed doing that, I believe I could learn to like it. I want to do more work with my tutorial, in order to prepare for the portfolio class in the Spring. I’d like to learn how to embed closed-captioning on videos as well, as I think it is a great tool for online learning.

One thing that I have seen a couple of edtech professors do is record/ post an introductory video for us, at the beginning of each module. That is something I would like to try in a class at least once. While it wasn’t necessary, it helped me and my classmates get to know them a little bit better. After reading the most recent chapter in the course text by Susan Ko, several of us have also mentioned catering to different learning styles, and I think video is an important addition if you want to catch the more visual learners in your classes.

Overall, I really enjoyed this class – it worked well for my own “eclectic” style of learning. Next term, I hope to be enrolling in “Advanced Online Teaching,” along with the portfolio class, and I think I will continue to have a great time with this material.


One thought on “ET 522 – Mod 6/ Course Reflection

  1. That sounds awesome Sarah! I think video could help a lot, especially with close captioning. I always prefer them on myself, especially if anyone has accents 🙂 Good luck, I hope you get into the class you want.

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