Another Break

As I await the verdict on my fall classes, I get a chance to catch up with myself. Between now and January 22nd, when my new (and final!) term in the MET program begins, here’s what I’d like/ needs to get accomplished:

  1. The closer I get to graduation, the closer I get to having to pay back my student loans. This could be a serious slap in the face, or it could be fine. In order for it to be fine, I need to be looking for a new job and have one secured before I graduate.
  2. I transferred an elective over from another school, and I need to find my course material from that class. I have a couple of ideas about where it might have wound up, but so far I haven’t had any luck. Tonight, I will try and track down an old external hard-drive, and see if any of the materials are in there.
  3. Clean house.
  4. Get a haircut. – Disaster!
  5. Walk the dog, if it’s not too icy outside.
  6. Work on my resume/ cover letter (see no. 1).
  7. Start pulling other artifacts together, for my portfolio, and begin the cleaning/ editing process.

Beyond those things, I hope to just enjoy time with my family and catch up on some sleep and exercise. I’m excited about heading into my final term of school, but I’m also really happy to have a little down time.


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