I can’t remember my password #elearning #careers #edtech #resilience


I set up a new blog a while back, but I can’t remember my password to get logged into said blog, so… we are here at this old friend, today.

Recently I completely biffed the interview for my dream job. Yep, I’ve been after this job for 4 years, but I have this uncanny ability to put immense pressure on myself and I cracked. I didn’t even get through the first question… it’s a long story. They tried to call me back, but I was a little inconsolable.

One of those rare times in life where a do-over would be most welcome, but based on how little time it took for the hiring manager to make a decision the last time I was part of one of her interview committees, I’m sure they’ve decided on someone by now. This morning it sounds like they’ve either hired someone or decided not to hire anyone. Is it bad that I’m [not so] secretly hoping for the latter?

The best I can hope for is to move on from this debacle as gracefully as possible. Fortunately, not getting that job in no way changes who I am – I am still passionate about helping students succeed, working with faculty, and pretty much anything relevant to distance learning.

So, I’ve signed myself up for a webinar (and invited my co-workers to join me), found myself some interesting reading material and put my head down, intent on keeping on keeping on.

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